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Does Your Company Need a Virtual CIO?
Take this quick pop-quiz and find out…

My company:
A) Has more than 5 computers but less than 50.
B) Needs to stay competitive without spending a fortune.
C) Knows that computers are the backbone of our business.
D) Wants to have a reasonable uptime guarantee without paying through the nose for it.
E) Uses multiple brands of hardware and software and want them to play nice.
F) All of the above.

From the virtual office of:

Nathan Vari

Saturday, 2:26 p.m.

Dear Business Owner,

If any of the above options apply to your situation then you could benefit from having a Virtual CIO. Now, because of technology, having a virtual CIO will cost less than you think. Imagine having a single point of accountability that you can go to weather you have a question or something needs to be fixed.


No more finger pointing.

No more vendors squabbling over whose fault it is and why something didn’t get done.

No more frustration because you are thrown into the middle to sort through all the tech speak.

Look, you are a busy person. You are running a growing company. Who has time to deal with all of those details anyway?

You have more important things to focus on now. Like that new account that just came on board and wants some feedback from you ASAP. Or those patients that really need you to be thinking about their symptoms. Or that new case you just filed that is going to take every person in your office to pull off. Or getting your company through the upcoming audit. Or getting certified for that last thing you need to get recognition in that national publication.

The bottom line is you need your technology to be running and you need it available to you now.

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